Not Written In The Stars

Last night I watched a shooting star
move swiftly through the midnight skies.
It drew a wish for love afar;
a man for whom my spirit cries.

Alas, the one for whom I sing
has made a diff'rent wish this night.
My soul once more has felt the sting
and, with great woe, I yield this fight.

No longer will I pen my heart
across the page for him to read.
No words of love will I impart
as for those words he has no need.

I know this man has been my friend
and never meant to hurt me so,
but on my heart I can't depend
for deep in love it wants to go.

Now search within myself, I must,
to find a way to ease this pain.
For in no other can I trust
to shield me from the scalding rain.

An inner strength I have to find
or darkness will consume my soul.
I'll pray for God to heal my mind
and keep this wounded spirit whole.

by Jo Lynn Ehnes

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