Not You

Poem By Angela Marie Lara

When she was born,
I was there
Not you.

When she walked,
I was there
Not you.

When she talked
She said mama
Not dada
Because I was there
Not you.

When she started school,
I cried
Not you.

When she was sick,
I cared
Not you.

When she learned how to write
She wrote about me
Not you
Because I was there
and not you.

When she was hurt,
I was scared
Not you.

When she cried,
I cried with her
Because I was there
Not you.

When she has questions,
I answer them
Not you.

When she smiles,
I smile
Not you.

When she discovers something new
She shares it with me
Because I am here
And not you.

When she falls in love
I will fall in love too
Because I am here
And not you.

When her heart is broken
I will hold her
Because I am here
And not you...

...and her heart will be broken
One day by you
Because I've always been here
But not you.

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