Not Your Typical Street Robbery (The Musical)

Poem By Anton Raes

See I was at this Bus stop
Minding my own
(My own)
Listening to that cleo soul
Coming straight out my phone
(My phone)
With a Gyal on my arm
Setting that right tone
(Right tone)
When out of nowhere
a couple youngers
Try step up in my zone
(My zone)
They started
Yappin to my gally
Contemplating jacking my money
And everything I own
Asking me my postcode
& where' I'm from
(Your home)
They were keen to start up a show
test my manhood pushing me
Seeing how far they could go
And pushed me they did
Knowing full well,
apart from my Gyal, I was on my own
Those weak movements you know
(We know)
So I explained in a firm tone
Look I'm just passing through
On my way home
The Bus will be here in a Mo
And I ain't giving up
Shit so maybe you should move on
I ain't on no hype ting
But if u wanna get 2 clapping
Then believe me we can get stuck in

See iiiiiii I'm every day people

Maybe this young brother
Felt disrespected,
Maybe this young brother
felt rejected,
by an attitude he never expected,
he started sticking his fingers up
in my face,
failing 2 put me in my place,
dropping that usual shit,
u know that talk with no walk
Fam are u dumb,
dont get brave,
do u know who I am?
I could feel my gyal feeling uneasy,
gripping my arm,
she didn't wanna leave me,
I knew I had 2 step up,
so I said look Son!
Before I finished my line,
just swung,
got up & wiled out
while his boys just shouted run,
quickly ending a situation
before it even begun...

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