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Not Your Way
JT (29/01/1982 / United Kingdom)

Not Your Way

Poem By Joseph Tanner

I’m not you,
Not wanting your way of life.
Unable to voice my opinion,
It is your life.
Trying to hold onto youth,
It makes me sick.
Seeing you tower over a boy of 16,
No older than your son.
I’m not you,
I don’t get my taste from the flesh.
I find my love in my arms,
I won’t be on my own when I die.
I’m not the one with a problem,
So don’t look at me like I’m the one.
You can only dream,
To have what I have,
They play you for the fool that you are,
Money talks, they will run you dry.
Smell the coffee,
You’re not a stud,
You’re a joke.
I have time on my hands,
I could be a player,
I could gain a few more notches on my bedpost.
I’m not like that,
I’m a man for love,
If that makes me a fool,
Let me be.

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