Note In The Flyleaf Of “surprised By Joy”

“This book belongs to Carol G”
Who lent it, with some hope, to me
In order that I might perceive
The visions which she must believe
Of Life and World, and all that stuff
Which I have missed in times so tough
That Godly thoughts have always faded
To strand me with a mind so jaded
That all the words and pious rant
Will leave me – just - a soul extant;
But with no sense of heaven miss’d
Because I’m such an Atheist.

But Joy I’ve seen and had my fill
(Despite no God - but happy still) .
And many times I’ve felt the shove
Of happy times and life and love
That pushed me to a higher plane
And left me with a sense of gain.
I’ve been “surprised” – I’ve been amazed
At life and thoughts and actions praised
Or cursed or punished for their style
When trying to make the extra mile;
To squeeze from life the final dropp -
But got caught out and made to stop

…..just like this…….

(With apologies to CS Lewis)

by tony darwen

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Comments (3)

Thumbs up from me and, I reckon, CS too.
Its a great poem and im glad you finished it, more like that must be wrote. i prefer this to the first one.
Tony I enjoyed this and CS Lewis would probably have been the first to say no apologies needed.