Note To Self: Remember To Forget

She whispered to the leaves that she wouldn't tell a soul.
In a joyous celebration, the leaves grabbed hold of the breeze and danced with it slowly as it gently brushed past in moments unevenly counted and dispersed.
Note to self: remember to forget she did that at all.
A girl i didn't know once taught me that a Whisper means more then a shout.
If someone is to shout they love someone, as to abide by the cliche of 'shouting it to the heavens' or some shit like that,
then it really isn't about the love anymore.
This action of involving everyone makes the love about people knowing of it rather then its actual potency.
Now if someone whispers, soft and enclosed to you, that they love you.
Then you know they mean it, because they have no one to prove it to, no anterior motives, and no people to impress with the decision to say the words.
You Whispered once to me you were alone.
I promised to you that you weren't but you took my words as a child's promise, heartless and invaluable.
She cries in whimpers of missed out joys, not in love of great experience already had.
Note to self: remember to forget her sad eyes.
I stare helplessly into her eyes as Wax waves crash up against her pupil, a tear forms in my eye.
I'm under the water bridging that has overflowed to the top thanks to the springs heavy rains.
I interrupted her conversation to instil my own.
Note to self: remember to forget that you cried in a drunken manner.
By now this should be simple but she's crying.
Its Overwhelming.
Her tears have carved scars into her cheeks.
Following the same journey over and over these paths have become the wicked wound, reminders to forget.
I turned away from her, not because i didn't want her to see my tears.
No it was much more selfish then that, i turned away so i wouldn't see hers.
Note to self: remember to forget these words; necessary, required, understand, enduring and scarlet.
Blistering heat protrudes from the room around us as we manage words, you still tell me stories of things i never wanted to hear.
I hope one day you'll relate to that.
Note to self: remember to forget you met each other in villainous sun light, the day you woke up too early.
I speak your wounds to rest.
It has brought to light that you believe me now.
You left in a hurry that day.
Note to self: remember to forget that.
Remember to forget You fell in love with her only as she walked away.
Note to self: Remember to forget her.

by Nico Campe

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