I get up from bed
I go to college
I reach something on the shelf
I go to work
I play a game
I won't give up

I can do most the things I did before
but I feel half a person
my own body won't obey me
I need more than an expensive toy to make me whole again
I need to feel
I need to be on command

with no ability to move
my legs are useless
replaced by a wheelchair
but nothing can replace
the feeling of the touch
or the pain that hurts

by Sabrina ,

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Hope to live for others is real life 10 pluss
You are right 'Nothing can replace a touch'. I can feel the pain of your words. Nice write.
You are exploring with your mind and exercising a talent the best is yet to come.
Tragic the loss of mobility in life.
beautiful............ marvellous........... m touched............ very senti.........