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Poem By Absurd Religion

Why won't any one listen
To my crazy comments and philosophies?

Filled to the brim with good ideas
Swarming and taking me over
One at a time

How it hurts to have knowledge and none to gather
It from me.

Oh how I boast
With only a deaf ear to receive my antics and raves

A few understand
But don't listen
Turn their backs and leave

First and foremost I try to connect in the normal way
When that fails
My heart hardens

A new idea inspires me
Finally a light for humanity
Quickly extinguished by normality

That's the problem,
Normality and rhythm
No one wants to change their mind
Or rebel

Through that, innovation is null
I see myself at my fullest right now

My body starts to disintegrate and burn to ash
Authority, my enemy, seems to laugh
as it burns

My mind is still fully awake
That is all that I need now

I will be the sole creator in the land
but without a body
what am I worth?


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UMMM everyone hates you, and u should shut up.... lol haha... niice u should seirously read bear trap... it starts out good then gets worse....AWSOM!