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I mean nothing
I feel nothing
I dream of nothing
My thoughts mean nothing
When i speak my words mean nothing
I listen to nothing
I win nothing
I stare at nothing
I am nothing

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Very enigmatic after all. I like the negative construct.
You're not nothing! You are a very good poet! Keep writing. I love this poem! Athena *** words will change the world ***
a depressing poem i'll admit. but the fact that u had the skill to put your thoughts into a series of words to make sense means that u have something and that u are...not so? ? lol...keep writing.
Well this title really did, come to nothing! I guess you really are, a lost cause, but tomorrow you might find another way, and by the way! I was always told as a child, that if you had nothing, you must have something. I feel sure you have. Sweet dreams, Tai