Mrs Moon

Mrs Moon
sitting up in the sky
little old lady
with a ball of fading light
and silvery needles
knitting the night

by Roger McGough

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We all feel like this from time to time. Good expression tiyler. I am sure many will relate.10 from Tai
Tiyler, I want to encourage you again to start in on a cartoon strip using these poems. They would be excellent! This poem is very sad, but I think you might be able to see the humor (black humor) in it. Everything is bleak. Everything is terrible. I am worthless. It's kind of funny, you have to admit. The cartoon strip for this poem could have a sad man speaking to a woman with her arms crossed, and they could alternate speaking the lines. First the man says, 'Nothing I say and nothing I do can change the fact that I mean nothing to you.' Then the woman says, 'You're nothing big or small, ' and so on. It would be fantastic. And doing the cartoon could be good therapy for you, help you laugh at yourself a little, and not get so down on yourself. Cheers.