'Nothing I say and nothing I do...
Can change the fact that I mean Nothing to you,
I'm nothing big or small,
It's hard to live when you have Nothing at all,
No truth...Nothing except bullshit lies,
No hello's...Nothing except sad goodbyes,
Nothing but dark clouds and dust,
Nothing but betrayal of love and lust,
Nothing but a fantasy of a clouded illusion,
Uncertain thoughts with allot of confusion,
Nothing but hatred and a persons disdain,
Nothing but agony and a persons self pain,
Nothing but failure to lose and admit,
Nothing but remorse for the sins I commit,
I have Nothing of value...Nothing worth giving,
So why does it matter if I'm dead or I'm living?
No goals...Nothing but shattered dreams,
For Nothing in this world is quite like it seems,
Nothing but silence of words unspoken,
Nothing but lies of promises broken,
So nothing I say...and nothing I do,
Can change the fact that I mean nothing to you!

by tiyler durden

Comments (2)

We all feel like this from time to time. Good expression tiyler. I am sure many will relate.10 from Tai
Tiyler, I want to encourage you again to start in on a cartoon strip using these poems. They would be excellent! This poem is very sad, but I think you might be able to see the humor (black humor) in it. Everything is bleak. Everything is terrible. I am worthless. It's kind of funny, you have to admit. The cartoon strip for this poem could have a sad man speaking to a woman with her arms crossed, and they could alternate speaking the lines. First the man says, 'Nothing I say and nothing I do can change the fact that I mean nothing to you.' Then the woman says, 'You're nothing big or small, ' and so on. It would be fantastic. And doing the cartoon could be good therapy for you, help you laugh at yourself a little, and not get so down on yourself. Cheers.