Nothing About This Is Sacred

Building to establish such pious pillars,
On foundations of deception...
Eventually causes them to sink.
Eventually causes them to stink!
With the revealing of concealed evils.

And confessions of digressions.
Affirming corrupted mentalities,
Bleeding beliefs.
In a public meltdown of grieving sorrow.

Justifying the misguiding of dissentions.
That exposes a truth undenied!
Shining with a light,
On those darkened by lies.
All of their lives.

Values and perceptions of them...
Become as hollowed as ceremonial pomp.
With a craze that rages intensely.

And people begin to realize the reeking.
Nothing about this can be kept sacred.
Since nothing about it ever was.
And this is now naked.
Bare and painful.

It was just a depiction,
Of a nonfiction...
To exist and manipulate with persistence.
And difficult to sustain a maintaining,
That drains all of sensibility.

'I am nothing?
And you are comparing this to what? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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