AA (Nov.30th 1989 / )

Nothing But Air

I feel your hand rest apund my shoulder
I just can't help but to place mine on yours
You say baby everything well be alright wait and see
Then without knowing
Looking back to where you should have been
Theres nothing but air there
So god help me please
This samething happend lastnight
Just before i dreamed off
FAcing the back of the couch
I felt as if you was here
As i felt you crawl into bed
Trying so hard not to wake me
With your chest pressed aginst my back
You grassping my hand
I held your hand a little tighter
But then i rolled over
Saw nothing but air
It felt so real
Was that really a hand i felt
It must have been yours
I cant love no one but you
You must feel the same
I've never felt a love guit like this
This happens to me all the time
I see you every where i go
Feel you touching apound my body
Mustly when i'm in need
A shoulder to cry on
A hand to hold
Your always here
In my thoughts
In my heart
Forever your my world
Just one night i just could
Towake up and see yours hand
Just laing there together forever
I'll be stuck with you
And love every moment
That this pain had lead us
With a bond so tight
No one can break it
Not even out past
So now i wake
All this pain has all just been a nightmare
I've always been in your arms
Just havnt notice
Cause for the longest time
There has been nothing but air there

July 6th 2006

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