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Nothing But An Ex-Poet
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Nothing But An Ex-Poet

Poem By Selena Star

I used to be so joyful
And write poems about everything
I could write a couple of poems a day
No sweat, it was what i did
Ive been in and out of love
Had heartbreaks and tailors
But it seems my heart
Has been broken too many times
And it cant be put back together this time
And somehow my poetic features,
Got lost when my heart broke for the last time
And now i can't even bring myself
To write about 'Heartbreak'
It seems that i have not gained success
But lost it instead
If you shall never see a poem written by me
With the word '-new-' written by it
Its because i am becomming nothing
But an EX-Poet

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Comments (2)

I hope that neva happens as ur poems are awsome. Keep writing and don't let those heartbreakers get u down.
Nah, it's just a simple case of writer's block and it's temorary... your brain has to regroup after such hard blows. My block has been5 months long now! You'll be back in the saddle in no time, keep the faith, and keep trying! Hugs, Lee