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Nothing Happens Here...
JB (August 27th,1963 / Beirut (Lebanon))

Nothing Happens Here...

Nothing happens here.
Everything occurs elsewhere.
Our thoughts constantly interact with angels and demons.
What comes to light is the result of our soul’s consent and choice.
In any storm, our spirit must always remain calm and self-reliant.
In any heaven, enlightenment leads us to our plenitude.
In any hell, darkness keeps us from seeing our heaven.
However, the road to heaven is harder than the road to hell.
In our despair let us embrace any light, as dim as it may appear.
Let us always seek the less traveled road towards recovery.
Let us firmly believe in the forces of the universe.
Let us emerge from self-pity and despair.
We are strong and beautiful.
Let us be useful.
Let us entrust our soul to Love and its invaluable rewards.

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