Nothing Has Been The Same...

Poem By April Darcy

Nothing has been the same since you left.
The days, long;
The nights, eternal;
And, now, darkness falls heavy upon this heart.
What was once beautiful and light;
Nowadays, ugly and miserable.
You left my love tattered and torn;
Left me behind to piece together the remnants of my dreams.
Now, I must find the will to move on.
Try to forgive and forget.
Search for a peace within to live without you.

Nothing has been the same.
Every day, cumbersome;
Every night, painful;
And, now, every second a part of me dies
I can no longer breathe you in.
I don't know where you have gone.
You did not utter one parting word.
Instead, you left me searching for answers
To blindly look for what's left of myself.
Now, I must find the strength to move on.
Try to forgive and forget.
Search for a peace within to live my life without you.

Comments about Nothing Has Been The Same...

This is fantastic! It's terribly sad and deeply haunting and beautiful! ! ! Keep your ching up and take each day as it unfolds, it'll get brighter... Christopher

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