Our Attitude

Our attitude
Thursday,17th July 2019

What makes you happy?
is that you are blessed by an almighty?
or you have everything in abundance!
and you have born in a rich family by chance

the reason is none either
you have only one fear
"If someone comes here"
and snatches my treasure

you are living under stress
and always feel at unease,
on the contrary, find the poor
he feels no sore about poverty

he only thinks about the square meal
and feels so remorseful
why God sent me to suffer?
and regretfully offers prayer

middle keeps calm
as he has been warned to remain cautious
he has means to meet two ends
and thus spends the life

such is our attitude
and we are made
hollow from within
who just witness the scene in own way

Hasmukh Mehta

by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (2)

i know this feeling! i quite enjoyed this poem.
Tough place to be, to be so powerless. Now that you have the feeling in hand marry it up with a metaphor. Do you ever feel like a tarred bird that wants its wings back?