Nothing Is Fair Or Fowl In Love!

No rules and regulations are there for poetry and poets;
No rules and regulations can forbid natural love forever;
No fair or fowl means are there in wars of the world ever;
Nothing is fair or fowl as far as love is concerned in life!

Passionate feeling of human emotion is what love is ever;
Such a feeling inspires poetry to compose poetry for love;
Passion rules high in wars against enemies of humankind sure;
Like poets, lovers are rebellions to achieve union by love!

Sans the union of lovers where can we find poems, songs of life?
Thriving of life itself will be no more possible in the world,
If love does not unite two suitable lovers as one couple in life;
If not, humankind itself would have been disappeared as barren planet!

All social norms, etiquette, laws and religious taboos are there
Just to maintain order in world life but not to destroy love ever!
For, love is the life giving force responsible for perpetuation of
All kinds of species from single cell to complex human beings sure!

by Ramesh T A

Comments (2)

This is a very thought invoking poem about nothing is fair or fowl in love.
Love gives life to everything on earth. An insightful poem.