Nothing Is Really Mine Except Krishna.

Nothing is really mine except Krishna.
O my parents, I have searched the world
And found nothing worthy of love.
Hence I am a stranger amidst my kinfolk

by Mirabai Click to read full poem

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This beautiful translation has captured the essence of Mira's poem. Let us cheer the wonderful poet who has rendered the poems in English.
I must compliment the one who has translated these beautiful verses of Mira. The essence and the music of the spiritual words flow effortlessly. Thanks a lot.
In the world i weep! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Love Meera’s poetry. She was a woman who defied all norms to indulge herself in worship of Krishna and created some wonderful devotional poetry inspired by divine higher consciousness.
basudeb sarbam iti. allis divine being
Great to see a poem of Mirabai. Her love for Krishna and her intense devotion is unparalleled. She saw only Krishna everywhere. No one or nothing else mattered. Wonderful song of pure bhakti.
Excellent love poem by historical Indian poet
Having complete faith in Krishna as Absolute, Holy and Divine being she knew and owned nothing other than Krishna..........very heavenly and well composed........thanks for sharing
Seeking Krishna and the companionship of the Holy...