Nothing Is What It Seems

I thought I couldn't fly
But one day I tried
And I really flew

I thought I couldn't go the last mile,
But I took one step at a time,
Before I knew it I was there.

I thought I was lonely,
But when I looked around,
I was not so alone (as I thought) .

I thought I was sad,
But when I looked inside,
I was the happiest person alive.

I thought I was bad,
But when I looked at the world,
I was as good as they can get.

I thought I knew everything,
But when I was questioned,
I knew only about the mole and nothing about the mountain.

I thought I knew you
But when you left me,
I realized that “nothing is what it seems'.

I thought life was not fair,
But when I looked at mine (life) ,
I knew that mine was. (Fair)

I thought that no one was perfect,
But when I looked in the mirror,
I knew that I was. (Perfect)

I thought I couldn't write (a poem) ,
But look at me now,
I have written this.

by G. Siva Shankar

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