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Fresh Snow
VK (22 July 1986 / New Delhi)

Fresh Snow

Poem By Christine A Kysely

“Nothing Lasts Forever” … they try to tell me
But it doubt the line to the very core
And even the words between the lines can’t really
Justify, as they are themselves unsure.

How do you define “NOTHING” lets talk of that
That “THING”, which you could touch or see
That “THING”, which you could have had
Or had, but perhaps, could not leave.

And what of “LOVE”? - True, pure love, instead?
That love which goes beyond boundaries that lie
Love that cannot be defined nor withheld
Love that cannot change, cannot fade, cannot die.

Or let’s talk about “TRUTH” – that has carried on
That truth that can never be proved untrue
The future, the present, and the past that is gone
Shall testify forever that I am me and can never be you.

Or the “MUSIC” - talk of that – and bow your heads in shame
For, those strains of the soul you cannot defy
And the emotions it glorifies, let’s give them a name
And then tell me, can a smile ever stop being a smile? ?

So before these lines, in gold, are embossed
Realize they are just words, whispered to calm you
When you can’t accept the face of the coin that is tossed
Or feel the universe is out to harm you.

So here’s the reason these words cannot hold a stand –
“Forever” is too immense to be held in words, even by the clever
And “Nothing” is just a word tossed around by the knaves of the land
Prove me otherwise and I’ll accept – “Nothing Lasts Forever”!

[08.11.2005 - Another one for a competition - won 2nd Prize]

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Beautiful poem - well witten- What lasts forever is Love for God - Even if he neglects us we go back to Him - That Lasts forever - Nothing Else
Superb poem, Vidushi. Well written. Thank you.