Nothing Lasts Forever

Not time
Nor tide
Not even life
Nothing lasts forever

Seasons go
Flowers fade
Colours change
The moon wanes

Happiness gives way
To sadness and longing
Despair gives way
To hope and joy

Does love really last
The trials of life
Or is the status quo
A crutch to keep going

Do soulmates really meet
Life after life
Beating death
At its own tricky game

Why do we try
To hold on to
A chimera of the now
When nothing lasts forever

What is eternity
The big, forever and ever
That is chased
By seekers and bounty hunters alike

What is the chase
When we are to walk an unknown road
And nothing lasts

by Anita Atina

Comments (2)

If nothing lasts forever, then our only option is to live forever and a day, at least that is my way.
I love it! It's great the way your asking question to the reader that makes them think, and i like your use to say nothings lasts for ever in a negative way to describe happiness, but then you also use it in a positive way when describing despair. The last stanza is very powerful. - 'the unknown road' Great work!