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Nothing Left To Hide
DZ (It was many and many a year ago / In a kingdom by the sea)

Nothing Left To Hide

No secrets spared from Brother's view;
Your life laid bare for Him to see:
For what could earn our trust for you
If fear bound not your love to He?

Surveillance proves all must be known,
To trusted agents of the state,
This 'Justice' wrought though none be shown:
No public trials or set court date.

Should I, your neighbor, be unsure
That still you have done nothing wrong?
We gladly bleed to be secure.
One drop; Our lives wont take too long.

So tell me what you're doing here,
Your soul, just show me how you bide
And TRUST, you'll have nothing to fear,
When you've got nothing left to hide.

And let our eye's into your home,
Our hands your body let caress,
You never shall be left alone:
For slaves - privacy is worth much less.

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