Nothing Left To See

Poem By Instalasi Sastra

Thy grace, thy beauty is unlasting boon,
Part of wicked vanity unseen;
Indeed, thou will realize soon,
When thy sense finally keen.

Thy heart, thy affection is something vain and not dear,
An heavenly cursed I wish I belong;
The remedies to extend the pain and tears,
More splendid then a love song.

Thy vice, thy virtue is part of human nature,
But in the end the lies will unveil;
When thou look straight to the future,
Indeed, the past nightmares will tails.

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To A Lost Companion

What wrong in being nice and friendly,
And try to seek a thousand companion;
When I saw thee, I saw my companion ungainly,
Where I laid my story, my laugh, my tears and my compassion.


Companion in need is companion indeed,
But what the use of having companion if the heart still like sword;
When the malicious and vice deed,
Veil in the charm and beauteous words.

A Man And His Fancy Affection

Alas! How poor of him,
Not to be the first man to met thee,
When thy beauty embrace him,
Affection is the boon he sincerely plea.

To A Man In Ardent Reign

Oh dear! Another humiliation embraced me,
To a seductive mortal passion veil in beauty;
Again a true path of God I can not see,
Blinded by the filthiest gaze desire of nudity.

Love Defiled [answer To A Beautiful Poem Entitled ‘love Defined]

What love is, but an error,
Contagious in two egotistic mind,
Rising a malicious terror
For a veiling intention that unkind?

Fe[male] [*may,27th 06*]

O lesbia, how cruel to be abandoned,
from love and love of modest male.
These bliss of your seems redundant,
Would you share with me, all your tale's.