Nothing Less Then You Do…

Poem By Vasil Marku

I lost you behind invisible walls of thinking
Why you move and don't move
The galactic of your brain reads and
Speaks unsounded words
Come back,
And I will give my life for free
Disserve or not
You must be myself, are we?

Break the wall and give me a break
The same destination. Let it be our fate
shouting deep in the darkest sky
No stars to number, no suns to count, or cry
And nobody listening
We the voices of unvoiced
Going against the river of humans or not,
Showing courage to say the truth
The truth of my poems
So invisible
So transparent
Like our free life
Till the end of the word
Still Alone
You and me
In one…
Moving against or throw…
Making short shades
Under the sun
Nothing less then you do…
Vasil Marku 2012

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