Nothing Like You

Poem By Cheryl Tutaan

Nothing like you, can't compare how I feel,
The feeling of everything! The luckiest, the happiest;
The one who teaches me how to be myself,
Whom that belongs to someone in the hidden depths.

Nothing like you brings joy to my loneliness,
Who relinquishes his love, nothing more, nothing less;
Who compromises his own happiness,
Eagerness to dedicate himself for his adorable highness.

Nothing like you gives me restless sleeps,
I flung myself in bed and couldn't close my eyes in peace;
Because of your unique arrival, I startled once again,
But when you made me tense, it's also you who kept me calm.

Nothing like you can bring the sweetest grin on my cheeks,
Your cutest dimple that can cure my pimple;
All the butterflies that take flight under my rib cage,
That beautiful thing that happens because of your pleasant presence.

Nothing like you gives aroma on my coffee,
The cinnamon, ground adds flavor to my latte;
That powerful burst of flavors, inside my mouth,
Like the smell of your skin I'm always craving for.

Nothing like you, yes, it's only you,
No one wonders how much I love you;
I always fall asleep with a smile on my lips,
Till I close my eyes, nothing I can see, only you.


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