AA (14-05-1991 / )

Nothing Lost, Something Won

I found a bird with these beautiful feathers
It was so ravishing, it could make one cry
I found it young and unguided, it was weak
It needed warmth, care and it needed love.
It had my mind tending to it in many weathers
If t'was beaten in the rain, I'd make it dry
If t'was short of breath, I'd breathe in its beak
I knew I had found something, a bird to love

It grew older and wanted to leave;
How could I let go? it had my heart to cleave
I could see it in her eyes, she desired it
I loved it too much, the pain did hit;
So I opened the windows and shut my eyes;
If it had to go, her ways are clearer in the skies
I softly opened them to see how far it'd gone
But found it perching on my couch, and done
She wanted a love that is not one-ended
A friendship, free, and not one, grounded.

by Adegbite Adeyinka

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