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Nothing Remarkable
SD (12/02/1974 / Wisconsin)

Nothing Remarkable

Going just from day to day,
Nothing remarkable happening along the way.
Making sure the kids get to school,
No hugs and kisses because it isn't cool.

The boss keeps pushing, demanding results,
Rewarding hard work with more work, motivating by insult.
Rush hour traffic, manic road rage,
Unnoticed the blind of an overwhelmed haze.

Homework, supper, bath and bed,
Teeth to brush and stories to be read.
Finally, relishing silence gazing on the bright moon and shining stars,
Everyone told her it would be this hard.

A big sigh and she turns off the lights,
Checks on the children before turning in for the night.
Their faces are peaceful, blankets already tousled,
Each room holds one more ball she has to juggle.

As she lays down, a slow smile spreads on her face,
There is not a single second, one moment of the day she'd replace.
Each laugh, each tear, each dream shared,
Made her know it's worth it and set aside her cares.

Her heart set to burst with love and pride,
They are her reason to survive.
Her passion, her purpose, her hope for them flies,
Feeling happy contentment, she closes her eyes.

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Comments (3)

There is amazing warmth coming from this. You have embraced the true concept of mothering.
You have really seen the light in this one.Hope that it stays with you.Love Duncan
Syd another write well done. True feelings from a dedicated mother. Patricia