Now You Begin To See The Colors Of My Painting In Words

sadness is painted in some words
that go like a monologue
stuttering at times like one grasping
for breath and yet
still wanting to say more,

you know at first glance
seeing some syllables
about what i, the anger that gropes
for words

explosives and
screaming soul while the storms rage on the corner
of the shores

then you ask, needlessly, the words speak for themselves
how is it here

they picture my jagged jaw, my eyes that shout
and curse

sometimes i am surprised with the way my senses
are born
remembering the first cry, the first slap

how it was
for a mother to see my first encounter with reality
how it was

that i have succeeded to simply forget

the colors of the poems i have written last night
screaming red turning to patient blue
and then silent green

and then that feeling of having control
with the purples feeling noble
and the orange still
promising to live for another day


Comments (6)

Nothing stays not even change... / excellent expression. Thanks.
Change is every where every second of the day - for example in the shadows stretching and creeping over the land as the day progresses. The changes in the shadows don't stay yet the shadows do return though they're never quite the same. Isn't it wonderful that we do not face the same landscape day after day.
Very profound poem. While change is of this world still ness is beyond us.
Change should be there. Old should die and new should take its place. Nice write.
Change is the basic characteristic of every thing living till life exists and for non living things they undergo changes due to wear and tear etc. An insightful poem. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
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