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Nothing To Gain
JP (02/22/89 / )

Nothing To Gain

Poem By Jennifer Peckins

I don’t know what love is to you
But this isn’t something you do
Constantly lying
Felling like I’m dying
Out of ideas and lost
This relationship coming at too high of a cost

For you I got this feeling
But there are so many secrets I’m concealing
I wish I had a reason
Like the changing of the season
There’s no reason to feel confused
Except for being so damn used

Everything I did was wrong
You’d sing it to me in your song
But once you began doing it yourself
It was like there was no way else
My drugs ain’t right
Such rage constantly making me fight

So here I am pouring my heart
We said we were destined from the start
After all the months of pain
Was there really anything to gain
Every word and emotion, so damn deceiving
It washed away all the love I was receiving

I need you so bad sometimes
Every f***ing mountain I’d climb
I’d slice my wrist open
Until then I keep hopin’
Waiting for you to see
That this love, this hate was meant to be

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