JE (08.05.1990 / )

Nothing To Lose

I have nothing to lose
but my fear
And that is why
we're standing here

Who cares if I beat you up
and knock you down?
Who cares if I hurt you
or what it's about?

You've done it all a hundred times
with your fists and words
and you could't care less
if I hurt

So tell me now
and tell me true
If I've been through it
why would I spare you

Hatred and revenge
dominate my thoughts
But for my peace of mind
it all means nought

No matter who cares or not
beating you is not what I'll do
Cause I don't want to be a person
that's as sick as you

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Comments (2)

well...that is good the poem and to the vengeance in a wounded heart...a well written piece, Jools...bold and frank and expressive 10
Caught the motive of sickness well