Jumbled Up Song(True Story)

I blew it.
Along time ago.
First we actually wanted to see each other.
But the more I try.
The more I see us fading away.
Spreading so far from each other.
Are you serious?
Now I'm all confused.
Tell me if you're feelings are true.
Cause the feelings I express...
Seems like a load of b/s to you.
Cause the passion in my heart for you.
Goes crazy everytime I miss a chance.
But it breezes past you.
One moment to the other.
But I may be wrong, You might actually care.
But at least you can show it.
As you can see I'm trying here!
I want this RELATIONSHIP! ! !
But the question is: Do You?
Do you really feel for me like you said?
Or was that the opposite of the truth...
Making me believe something, I can't see...
When were together.
These feelings may be all wrong.
I'm shooting out love threatening lyrics.
To a jumbled up song.
All I ask for is expression...
Show me how you really feel.
Seems like I care more than you do.
Are your feelings for real?

.....[[True Story]]......2/8/08

by Michael Smith

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Superb Poem....................10