No one to love and nothing to hate
No emotion nor tears, and nothing that hurts
Nothing material and nothing called fate
Nothing is full nor empty, in my land of nothingness.

Nothing to live for and no reason to die
Nothing to bleed for, no shame nor pain
Everyone a master and king, servant a lie
Ample sunlight and rain, in my land of nothingness.

Nothing called home and nothing away
Nothing to expect and nothing is dark
Nothing to brave and nothing to pray
Air, breeze and sea in my land of nothingness

No reason to be awake nor exhaustion to sleep
Nothing called anger nor agony to weep
Where there is no noise nor silence to keep
No fear, anxiety nor worry, in my land of nothingness.

Nothing called truth and no reason to lie
Nothing called real and nothing an illusion
And a tiger preys on me, painless I die
As I am in my own land, the land of nothingness.

by Maheshwer Peri

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