Poem Hunter
NH (30th October 1971 / croydon, victoria, Australia)


It was easy for you I guess
Walking in, stealing me
The simplest red rose
Lain in the crisp white snow
Sun glistening on your golden hair
Memories long gone now rekindled

The pain cut like a knife
Did you even notice the shallow beating?
The terror in my heart as you walked
Confidently you approached my door
Knocking as you always had
A reminder of what we once were
You and I, in the time before

My innocence stolen, life lost
All that was left when you walked away
Memories, dark miserable ghosts
Haunting always every moment of my bitter life
I still bear the scars, hidden enclosed out of view
Deep etched like the burning hell you put me through

I wonder if you saw it all
Standing safely in the distance
Contorted face peering out from clustered memories
The pain too much to bear
Fear, torment, horror,
'God give me sanctuary, ” I cry
And yet still I stand-alone

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