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I gave away your perfume to that crazy girl
he said/ looking at the ceiling/ I don't know
why i do these things. I picked up a piece of
his bread and buttered it like it were my
own/ biting down it/

She irritates me/ he said/ always has/ i don't
know why/ he said/ why/ i ask/ i don't know
why/ he says
do you want my drink i say/ it's too much for
me/ no he says/ drinking the first sip/ i don't
even notice that it's finished till it's gone

Thank you for listening/ he offers/ though time
has gone by/ so by/ without me taking much
stock/ in how it was marked

when you have so much on your mind/ the little
things just seem to slip by/ with lots of pauses/ missed
silence/ inverted meditation/ half eaten bread/ and silence....

It's okay though.. most don't notice.

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