Notice Me ~

Poem By Marsha Youree

Look over here, please don't ignore me
Why don't you even look up at me
I'm just an old woman, maybe not very wise
She say's, with that far away look in her eyes.

She's alot like a child, sits and stares at the floor
Hoping her family will come through the door
When you speak to her and get no reply
Did you notice a tear trickling from her eye.

Life seems so unfair, with it's twists and turns
From her, everyone of us could learn
She don't give up though her pace now is slow
For she has learned to go with the flow.

Now she can't do much, she is limited to
She wanders around, just to have something to do
She dosen't mean to get in your way
Just wants someone to notice her today.

Give her some time as you hurry on your way
Her children have grown up and moved away
Do you even notice she's lonely and blue
and that her whole life revolves around you.

When days go wrong, as they sometimes will
Think of her day's, there so hard to fill
When you are tired and emotions are high
She just wants a smile and all you give is a sigh.

So what do you think that she has no skill
Is it just another hard day for you to fill
Is she just an old woman whose not very wise
Uncertain of habit with that look in her eyes.

Believe it or not, she was once a small child
You are now her family for a short while
She two like you, had a father and mother
That was always there and loved one another.

She once was young, a girl of sixteen
She felt she could fly, she could do anything
So stick with her when she's hardest hit
Her day's may be numbered, but there not over yet.

The body may be crumbled, lines have appeared
Dignity and grace have been replaced with fear
She has no future, just a heart full of dread
She call's for her husband, don't realize he's dead.

So look deep inside that tired little lady
For there a young lady still dwells
So when you walk by and don't notice her
The hurt in her battered heart swells.

She remembers the joy, she lives through the pain
She's living and experiencing life over again
She see's her friends all to few, gone to fast
And she accepts the fact that nothing can last.

Take a little time, maybe then you'll see
Still the beautiful lady she used to be
Think twice before you turn her away
Share with her those dreams of yesterday.

Her eyesight has faded, her memory is dim
She call's out all day the sillest whim
Now that she's old, you don't seem to care
She does have family with little time to spare

If you could have seen her, when she was spry
Raised a large family, baked the best pies
Worked for her family and mended their seams
Kissed away their troubles, she had such big dreams.

What has happened, now that she's old
She's all dressed up, has no place to go
A chair by the window is all that she needs
A friend to talk to, her bible to read.

She is always talking about going out
Where she won't be a bother or wonder about
Down these hall's she will no longer roam
For God will take her to that Heavenly Home.

Marsha Youree c 2001

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