What is noticeable?
If it's nothing,

Nevertheless, never-mind,
Outlining, out the door,
Timeline, timeless,
Interested, ice cold,
Curious, can't keep up,
Excited, ignored,

What you see,
What is real,
Who I seem to be,
Who is real,
When will I be free,
When will the illusions be real?

I've been waiting, wondering,
Looking toward, longing.
Temptation everywhere, time passes.
Bad days, better wishes.
Hopes fills our heads, hearts broken,
Thinking of what could have been.
What will never be, wanting.
Depression, desperately dreaming.

The truth taunts us, time passes,
Never-mind, nothing changes.
Everyday okay, evolving emotions,
Praying to pause with passation.
Knowing dreams don't come true,
Afraid of what they'll make of you.
The present is safe, stable,
Approaching the future, are we able.

All I know is now, anything is better,
Fear isn't an option, I'm sure.
The past, the mental abuse,
Everywhere, each day feeling use.
I'm ready to leave, to reaching the end,
The feelings of armor shed.
Venting the past, vulnerable,
Overcoming, understanding, Honourable.

Never forging or not worth it,
Puzzle, pieces fit.
You can't have one without the other,
Hater, loner, lover.
Pain, passion overcoming,
Healing, hearts drumming.
Together as one, though it all,
We stand tall.

by Samantha Morgan

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