Look at the world with new eyes,
Go on, put on a new pair,
The world is an exciting place,
Life is a funfair.

Notice the trees,
The colors of the leaves,
The way they look,
When they move in the breeze.

Notice the rich,
Colors in the sky,
At sunset time,
It makes you want to fly.

Notice the way,
Children laugh and play,
They notice these things,
Each bright new day.

So when you stop,
Seeing those things,
You know you’ve grown up,
And your heart no longer sings.

So take the time,
To look with new eyes,
At all that surrounds you,
To do so would be wise.

Because we are not here,
In this world,
For very long,
Let’s appreciate its beauty,
Let’s listen to its song.

by Aisha Sherazi

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We are sooo busy....or so it seems, that we ahve stopped noticing things & appreciating life. Beautiful poem! I did notice it (- *)