Notion Of New Night

New conception of wonderful belief,
We have perceived during sleeping,
Dream after dream is coming in mind,
Stars are dazzling still in full moonlight.

This new night has come to give us rest,
Many more thoughts this has brought,
Mind is singing hymns of God gradually,
Whimsical impulse is rising with darkness.

Inclination is observed in path of beauty,
Night is still giving us mumbling of love,
New hopes are flying across the far abode,
Reaching up to far stars, dreams are giggling.

Souls have different notions about creator,
There is speciality in sleeping for all is same,
Motivational force acts on subconscious mind,
Nature rhythmically sings hymns of God more.

© Kumarmani Mahakul,7 July,2017. All rights reserved.

by Kumarmani Mahakul

Comments (4)

New night brings pleasantness. Greatest love comes from God through light into Earth. We feel this. This is really great when love is transformed into light of love of wisdom. Love glows and grows with us. This is a great write and you are a nice poet.
Verily, dreams bring new notions
Motion and emotion and remotion are going through the whole universe, great write, thanks a lot for sharing
Very nice poem about what happens with the coming of a new night.