AA (1st Jan 1990 / Allahabad)

Notorious Nature

Let the darkness rule, despotism may prevail,
Clock has struck thirteen, even a ray requires a tool;
Coin stands biased, dice shows seven,
The game has been set, mirror is not even.

Sun has been abducted, moon is the culprit,
Stars are causing fracas, Mother Earth is still silent;
But its colorful tears are making everything colorless,
Over flooded oceans are causing havoc and life has become topsy-turvy.

Still the world is xerantic, He is in coma,
History is rewritten, but we are free from trauma;
Hopes shattered, dreams demolished, nothing to mourn,
Inanimate objects are speaking volumes, laugh to scorn.

Seeds of cumin requires volcanoes, nabbed roots are in pain,
Branches involved in deadly combat, fruits are in vain;
Leaves display numb, zany feelings dispersed over the atmosphere,
To mark the rise of joker cum poet, murder the satire.

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Comments (5)

freak imaginations...but power play words...hitting over the ropes line by line...you have the signs of a good poet...thanks...10
again gud thinking, gud vocab....gr8 piece
To mark the rise of joker cum poet, murder the satire...........so nature was applauding the rise of a poet............
Awesome poem. Beautifully transferred epithet from man to Nature. I couldn't find your third poem here. CP
The world has ended but still nursing his wounds.Great piece Alok!