The pages turn growing in depth,
Each word soothing, finding home without a sornful blue in sight.
Sights painted as I imagine your voice dictating every motion read aloud.
Making the voyage more enjoyable.
A sigh of relief as we've taken a trip without need to stop what were doing,
I've thought about you in the upmost of ways,
Contnuing to read your words of wisdom.
A tale of a Queen whom overcomes but searches for more than what most would consider wealth.
Contuniously searching as such almost became a fantasy.
Until the end of the story.
The pages turned looking for more to read,
To my surprise there wasn't anymore written.
I pondered about the end, the beginning.
At that moment I found the answers I was looking for, next time I looked in your eyes.
So deep, ambitious.
Your skin wore a slight red with its brown,
A certain blush I notice everytime the King Gazes at his Queen as I think of the ending to the novel written in your eyes.
Wont you sign my favorite book, as many times as you'd like

by Kewayne Wadley

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Growing in depth. Nice work.