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Novel Of No Words
MF (9/13/87 / )

Novel Of No Words

Growing older you begin to think, about the past years of your life
In this moment you see things you've never seen before
And you kick yourself for being so blind

Regrets begin to consume you
Who you are and what you've become is no longer existant
All that matters is all the things you should've done
All the things you should've said

Decisions that were made in haste
Now seem irrelevant and senseless
The question 'what if' plays in the back of your mind
All the chances never taken, oppurtunties that slipt away

Life becomes a novel full of no words
To the eyes of strangers the pages are full
But to the heart there is nothing there
Everything people saw as 'something', does nothing for the soul

We all go through life searching for answers
Many never seem to find what they are looking for
Others lives are full of answers that are taken for granted
You just never know what cards are going to get dealt

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