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(Nov 19,1978 / Pakistan)


Poem By Dr Kamran Haider Bukhari

Fallen leaves have been crushed
Dried and amalgamated
With the dust
Of barren soils

Sunken hearts have been stripped
Cracked and defeated
With the lust
Of alluring beauties

Shrunken minds have been putrefied
Abandoned and replaced
With the bust
Of convulsive impulses

This November
The faith has to be revolutionized
The fate must be renovated
The fallen got to be resurrected
From the mist of dusky dawns

This November
The heart aches for more blood
The mind craves for more thought
The soul begs for more piety
And a human cries for lost identity

The month of my fall
From divinity to humanity
Would be the month of my rise
From humanity to divinity

Nov 03,2008

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a.a sir ur new poem must b v good. but ur THIS NOVEMBER WS THE BEST PIECE. THE FORMER MIGHT Bbeyond my wisdom. urs WASEEM ABASS AKSSH 03226844045
divinity begins to show when we realise we have fallen and when we feel for such a bad fall..a poem with a good insight 10
kamran shb! honestly speaking i was'nt expecting a poem such great magnitude as this one is... im speechless after reading this poem.....i wanto say something abt it bt its too, strong would b a very small word. da depth, da insight that it presents...of human mind, of human soul....da utter sense of loss....gone....dead....lost....bt the yearning n da desire! ! ! extremes have been put together n this juxtaposition is simply superb. God is really great. wen out of nowhere one receives words to his/her sentiments, he/she feels exalted....
I really like the verse 13-16 that talks about the transformation and rebirth this November: This November The faith has to be revolutionized The fate must be renovated The fallen got to be resurrected. This is a dexterous poem. Great piece of art.
This is a very good poem - I greatly injoyed it.