A Fairy Tale

Do I have to search for you
For I saw you in the heavenly blue
Like a barbie doll you lay
Me staring like a joker in a play saw twinkling stars in broad day light
How can moon lost its way what might?
Opera of my life
Ballads in my hi-fi
Angels are dancing to my tunes
When my heart rhyming in lunes
Call me say
Where's the ray
O' no for I'm flying in thoughts
Sans roaming with reasonless lots
Rumble in the silent sprees
Jumble in the days lay freeze
Call me not since I'm sounding deaf
When medleys are played in cardiac beats
Call me not since I'm blind when eyes caught only her eyes
Call me not since I'm lost
When romantically my moments got engaged
Alas I cry when thou hasn't heed your voice
Not in being but in fantasy
Scold me not fight me not
As I melt in your hug
Only to vanish in this life
To wakeup early in your dream.

by Thati pramod sai

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Winter is so nice enchanting and feels goodness. Winter's in full bloom. Great writing and likes the poem.