November Again

November again

Long ago like today
A person had claimed
"I'm poet"

Her name then, was Helen
The famous ‘Hunt Jackson'.
Now, I am a hunter after her
She sees the November ‘treacherous'
Her comment went in me; raised temper.

Yes true
‘Summer's voice is here in autumn'
And true is ‘Beguiled, '

But you have set ‘limit'

A poet cannot live
Her, his life in one scene
Poet is vast sky; wide ocean

Hey lady, come on now
The world is different
If you write do mention location:
"Here, There, "
Don't ever generalize your claim:
"This is all, everywhere."

Anyway, let's be friends
I read; liked your poem,
I enjoyed "November"

by Nassy Fesharaki

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