November Rain

Oh Rain!
Longing for your sweet touch
Here you come again!
Soothes the pain away.
As you heal this broken heart of mine
Set me free like the birds.
Wash away the bitter memories.
But leave the sweet one on.
up upon the sky you fall on all
Both the good and the bad.

Oh Rain! !
Erased the memories
But don't wash this Love away
As you come with calmness
Take the sorrow away.
Unequal i stand before
As the glow varnish from my sexy eyes
I see through your face
Smiling at me.
Calling me your Love

Oh Rain! ! !
Embrace me once again
Like no one else ever done
Tears flood my eyes like a tortured river
Don't go away,
You alone don't lie to me
As i close my eyes
I sleep in peace
Feeling high, not blues

Oh Rain! ! ! !
Rain and Tears
You are made for each other
Even as you intercourse in reality
I can feel your scent as of apple juice
November rain i scream out to you
Am awake to you as you clean me up
Oh November, I scream out to you as
You awake my dreams.

by Blessing Ekpe

Comments (2)

What a way with words you have! Beautiful...water is cleansing, whether it's through rain or tears...
Oh! the queen of rain illusive! Crown sloshes by brims of lkingdom Love of resonance rinses sorrow Falling mist at dawn mills darkness to white Heart refreshes by toch of gloss Kiss redeems over lips of red....passionate write by imagery, yet inspiring and thought provoking,10++++