November Twelfth, Nineteen Hundred &Amp; Ninety-Six

The Water of the soul, Holy when Full
Touched by the movement of the earth, a soul of girth
It can live Light or feel dark
God Almighty's work of art
It moves with the motions of life, burning bright
But when it's free, God gives eagles wings
Joy, hurt, trial too, as the ocean it moves
Caring, sharing, hope, fed I quote
An ocean view with still silence
The motion is heard
A soul and the Living Word
In the silent roar, prayer and praise
But if you look within the child, Behold God smiles
For destiny is His
A silent ocean within.
AMEN PS. 14 & 126
Is. 40
1 Tim. 6

by Julie Ann Morris

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'A silent ocean within'. Great line of imagery let loosed by a storm of imaginational fury and a happiness contented. Excellent Writ of Lit. Gave it an easy ten. God bless all poets-MJG.