Poem Hunter
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)


Now we can have what we wanted,
Now we know we can.
Start over and begin again,
Never reliving the forgotten past.

I wanted & waited for so long,
To cherish you as I might.
To be able to say that you are mine,
Is my own happiness to my heart.

Now I am for both of us,
Now there is a we.
Now it all has come about.
Now our path is free.

Loving you from a distance,
For there were trouble we had to cross.
Has been the test of time,
For it has lasted so very long.

But now I know its here.
And my love has never left or strayed.
You are my ever after.
You are my here to stay.

No one could love you as I,
For my heart is unequal for you.
And I will stand beside you until love carriers our lives through.

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