The Train

Can you hear that train coming?
It takes people to the last stop
I can hear that train coming
On the corner of rise and drop

Some say the ride is long
Others believe they don't belong

Can you see that train coming?
It sneaks upon you if unwise
I can see that train coming
Many board to their own demise

I hope the train will pass by me
For I fear what I will see

Can you feel that train coming?
The safety boards have now descended
I can feel that train coming
The steel is deathly scented

All of us board with answers to find
They will all be there at the end of the line.

by Joseph Lee

Comments (4)

A beautiful poem with amusing depiction. Congratulations to his soul for being selected as the poem of the day.
'Too old to love, too wise to heed your vow, Too cold to feel your cold hand upon my breast. is so beautiful. A poem I would like to read again and again. Thanks for posting.
When I am old, and cold, and wise, and grown As far beyond as you outstrip me now, - Too old to love, too wise to heed your vow.... //.... Romanticism merged in reality presents a sad picture. Thanks.
Such an enjoyable poem to read......