I Own Up (It's All My Fault)

Poem By Shilesha Johnson

life goes on daily and I was keep on walking
All of a sudden I got mistaken I fall for emotion
I stop living for future and was try to hide the truth
I start to pretend and die for false

Time goes on as it never end
And I was killing my pride
For the unfaithful short love
I sacrify, that was my bad

The watch was keep on counting
And I was like fed up of stuffs
I got a comment not to be emotional
Then all of a sudden time became an eve criminal

The heck! time is the problem
As it walks some one put in pain
And the other one became healthy
It is a matter of time, a matter of eve only! ! !

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every nicely writtien i liked it, keep up the good work

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N.B Let the comment be one word and explanation to the poem
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