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Now And Then
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Now And Then

Now you hold me tight
Then you just said hey,
Now you don’t leave me out of sight,
Then you just didn’t really care,
Now you run up to just say “I love you”,
Then you just hugged me and said it in a sigh,
Now I call you my boo,
Then I would just call you my bf,
Now I think you’re the one,
Then I thought you were just another stupid guy,
Now you hold my hand,
Then we just walked,
Now you go through me like sand,
Then you were hard as a rock,
Now you want to spend time with me,
Then you were just what-ever,
Now you know what I want to be,
Then I just didn’t care,
Now I know what to do,
Then I was so confused,
Now I know I Love You…

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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